Houston, Texas christhedunn@gmail.com

Hi. I'm Chris.

I'm from Texas. I'm passionate about photography, journalism, photojournalism and, above all, people.

As a staff photojournalist at The York (Pa.) Daily Record/Sunday News, I photograph everything. There's no such thing as an average day in newspapers, but you can generally find me walking the streets of York, wading a creek in the far reaches of the county, setting up lights in the studio or covering high school athletics.

But my passion lies in storytelling — in learning more about my community, spending time with people big and small and sharing their stories as best I can. I relish the opportunity to get to know people and capture their quiet moments just as much as I love the thrill of chasing an exciting assignment.

Born and raised in Texas, I aspired to be an investigative reporter. After a New Mexican hippie taught me photography in the desert, I changed my focus to photojournalism. I graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism with honors in 2010, and interned at Washington Post Digital, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The York (Pa.) Dispatch.

In my spare time, I keep score at baseball games, attempt to keep my houseplants alive and shoot medium-format film when traveling.

All images and tearsheets on this website are copyrighted by The York Daily Record/Sunday News or The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bio photograph by Jeff Lautenberger.